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Ag Tech Industries Ltd manufacturers of “TRAX Equipment” and “LifeGuard®” products is a family owned business which started operating in 1972 in the basement of our family home. It now spans 3 generations and operates from a purpose built 2000sq mtr factory.

Having farm experience, a manufacturing background and a pioneering spirit Ag Tech Industries were always looking forward and designing new products wherever there was a need. In earlier times (then trading as “Ranchware”) we were supplying and manufacturing stock saddles for Land & Survey Blocks and Sheep Stations throughout New Zealand. We made more than 500 stock saddles. This is now a past era and we saw a need to move with the times which led to a change of direction and the introduction of the “Quad Pod” in 1991. This was an innovative first and still being made today 21 years later along with a comprehensive range of ATV and UTV products – see www.traxequipment.co.nz.

The Story Behind the ATV Lifeguard 

Our next challenge began in 2010 when we started following the Roll Bar issues and the concerns from Safety Authorities about the ATV injuries and deaths. Motorcycle manufacturers in USA strongly discredited roll bars due to the injuries they say that can be caused by them in the event of an accident and they effectively stopped their use. Behind this was also litigation issues that could arise from accidents. Since this happened statistics have shown that there has been an increase in serious injuries and deaths on ATV’s.

Safety Authorities in Australia and New Zealand are looking for answers and have now agreed that the research from the US Motorcycle manufacturers was flawed because the findings were based on computer models that failed to simulate real accidents. The industry needed answers urgently and when I heard of the concept of a segmented arc held by cables, very strong, flexible but unable to collapse, I immediately saw it as a possible solution.

“A Passive Roll Bar”. A bar that would support an overturned Quad providing crush protection but a lot less likely to cause injury if coming in contact with the rider. This roll bar would also contradict and negate the arguments from the Motorcycle Manufacturers. This is where the “LifeGuard®” started and development, prototypes and testing began in August 2011. Click here to go straight to ‘OUR PRODUCT’ product page and see why you need to fit a Lifeguard roll bar.

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